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Captain Mike Reark

Chokoloskee is native for 'ten thousand islands'... and as many legendary stories. 

deep in the florida everglades is a tangle of mangrove islands and shifting oyster bars. THE REMOTENESS OF CHOKOLOSKEE IS WHAT MAKES IT SO ATTRACTIVE. many a smuggler's tale begins or ends here. calusa and seminole lore and stories of characters such as watson and his band of fugitives are haunting ghost stories that are still rumored to pass through ted smallwood's general store.

mapping these islands is a task that your gps won't excel at. tidal mangrove islands of shell and sand continually shift with the daily rhythm of water. take too much time away and an island may pop up where there once was a clear route. the tides are strong and large in chokoloskee. it takes an experienced guide to see the untouched beauty of this territory.

South of marco and extending to florida bay are tidal islands that are home to thousands of species of insects, fish, birds, reptiles, and some unique critters only found in everglades territory like the florida panther. it is also the only place in the united states where the american alligator and american crocodile live side-by-side. the fishing is great, and catching a large example of a redfish or snook isn't all that uncommon. great back country fishing, beautiful scenery, unique wildlife and waterfront accommodations. Come check it out for yourself!