Gator season is mid August to November 1 and tags are awarded by a state draw. in Florida, a limited number of tags are distributed and the numbers change annually. NON-SEASONAL PRIVATE LANDS HUNTS ARE AVAILABLE. Call mike for details!

Captain Mike Reark

gator hunting

Since not everybody needs, or can afford, the whole enchilada type hunts we offer, the following is a list of options:

1: The full Monty.

3 days and 3 nights. Deluxe accommodations, full meal and beverage, including Adult beverages (after the hunt.) Two hunts per night, as needed, up to six total, for the best Gator available. Leisure time Airboat trips. In the event of an early tag out, Hog hunting on private land at no extra charge is available. non-hunting companions may join for a daily rate that includes food, beverage, and lodging. Call for availability, we only have a few left.

2: The “Oleo” (the cheaper spread)

One night of hard hunting for the best available animal. Limited on-board beverage, one meal, no lodging.

3: Guide and equipment service.

We take you with YOUR tags to fill them. This is straight up guiding only, you provide the tags, we provide the expertise, boats, and equipment. Bring your own drinks, snacks, etc. We will try to fill both of your tags in one night, boat run, 6’ or better. Call for areas we hunt.

That’s the basics. You may be able to add another tag to a booked hunt, depending on availability, for a reduced rate. All prices include transportation to a processing facility. You are responsible for processing, tanning, and/ or Taxidermy fees. We will be happy to coordinate that for you, and give our recomendations. For the “Full Monty” we will have a skinner/butcher in camp who will clean your Gator, skin and salt the hide, and cube and package the meat (not for re-sale.) The fee for this service is quite reasonable, and depends on the size of the Gator, and how you want it skinned/processed, generally under $ 200.00. Discounts are available for groups of three or more booking together. Customized trips including fishing, bow fishing and Hog hunting are always available.

Call me now - I always sell out!